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Global Industrial Projects (GIP) has a vast experience in the cleaning of Plants, Mines and Industrial sites. We maintain roads, gardens, villages and surrounding areas and offer customised ad hoc or permanent cleaning solutions for normal and abnormal spillages and debris.

Core to the excellence of our cleaning services is our highly motivated staff. All operations are supervised by senior staff with relevant experience and a thorough knowledge of Health and Safety regulations. Our operations and managers comply with all mining, environmental and other legislation.

This Plant Cleaning division utilizes appropriately customized, cost effective and efficient systems. The various functions of site and plant cleaning require the operation of specialized equipment. We operate a diverse range of equipment to suit a wide variety of different operations and client requirements. These include, but are not limited to, vacuuming units, skeed steers, sweepers and brush cutters. We also operate the equipment needed for water cutting, removal of deposits of sludge, scale, and chemical residue from vessels, pipelines, storage tanks, towers, drums, wash pits, leaded gasoline tanks etc.

GIP continuously strives for Zero Harm to our people and our environment and is committed to improving the quality of life of people and communities in and around our operations.


GIP owns and operates a large fleet of small to medium size earthmoving equipment. This allows us to provide a fast and efficient equipment hire service to earthmoving contractors and mining houses.


This division is involved in bulk material handling such as transportation from train off-loading area to jaw crushers.
The operations handled by this division include:

  • Overburden strip at open cast mines;
  • Maintenance of Temporary and permanent access and haul roads;
  • Excavating of ore, loading and transport to beneficiation sites.


GIP offers mining construction and engineering services that include underground support systems and underground construction. We install secondary support systems and ventilation control.

Our client and solution orientated construction services comply with all standards, procedures, rules, regulations and code of practices. There is a strong focus on health and safety management in all our operations and we are committed to ensure that all personnel receive regular training and coaching in hazard identification, risk assessment and control of all hazards in their workplace or areas of responsibility.

We adhere to the environmental management systems of the mines where we are contracted.

Under this division we offer the following services:

  • Conventional Mining & Construction Services
  • Primary Support Services
  • Secondary Support Services
  • Ventilation Control Services
  • General Steel Manufacturing Services


Conveyor Installations

We do design and manufacturing of conveyor systems in conjunction with leading conveyor companies and offer full turnkey installations including electrical installation for conveyor systems either flat or at an inclination.

Other Installations

We do underground construction and the installation of services which include:

  • Box fronts and platforms
  • Ventilation Doors
  • Refuge Chambers
  • Mass concrete to level or inclined floors
  • Rail and rail switch installations
  • Pipe column installations

Water Control

We put in place a complete pumping network per level, efficiently removing water from the working place to the mine dirty water systems by means of:

  • Water in reef horizon channelled to sumps and then pumped to the haulage sump;
  • A cascade system of sumps and pumps are installed to pump the water to the dirty water system of the mine;
  • Effective water management reduces the risk of a mud rush at the box fronts as well as prevention of rail decay due to continuous flooding.

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